Thursday, February 7, 2008

I left my heart in San Francisco

This is a picture heavy post, so I apologize for slow load times. I just found my pictures from one of my favorite trips of all time, San Fransico in October 2002. Yes during their World Series run, just fell that way.
I have always wanted to visit San Francisco. Can't explain why, just always wanted to go. Back in 2002, my DH volunteered to go to the SF office for his company and I got to tag along for a week. He worked all day and I wandered the city by myself.

I loved it! Walked to lots of places, and yes...even walked a steep street that I had no business walking up. When there are steps cut into the sidewalk, that is usually a sign that you shouldn't be walking up there. But the view was soooo worth it. View from Coit Tower

I took a bus across town to a museum to see an Egyptian exhibit. Walked around China Town, and the along the piers or bay, you where Fisherman's wharf was. Had lunch or ice cream and just enjoyed myself. Sat a cafe and people watched. I spent a week there like I was a native. San Francisco is definitly I place I would move to; if I could afford it. And if DH were up for it. He is not crazy about the west coast. Idaho, but not Cali. Long story. Please enjoy these pictures.

Gate or entrance to China town

Masses of sea lions off of Fishermans Wharf
Tourist trap, but I liked it.

Alcatraz, the big house. The tour was definite must see, especially at night. Spooky!

And a ride on a cable car of course. And yes, I hung off the side and loved every minute of it!



  1. Oh we were in San Francisco two new years ago. It was a fun time. It looks substantially the same even 5 years after the fact! Love how things are so ingrained in a city that there can be change and everything can still look the same. Lovely photos. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  2. Oh, those are awesome pics. I can't wait to visit San Fran.

  3. Ahh... San Francisco. What nice memories! I really enjoyed the pics. It's on my "must visit" list too!

  4. Thank you for posting the pics. It only furthers my desire to visit San Fransisco. Now if only I could convince dh.