Friday, February 1, 2008

True confessions... or sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

I bought more yarn. This is what happens when I take a day off from work. The yarn store is too near my house and well, I found myself over there this morning fondling the Sheep Shop yarn. I've had my eye on Sheep Shop yarn for a few weeks now. Checking out all the colorways on the company page. Stalking it online at WEBS. And online at Loop in Philly. And even on ravelry, I've been perusing stashes, looking at Sheep Shop. I'm considering it for a clapotis. Sheep 3 is a merino/silk blend that I think might be a reasonable substitute for the Lorna's Laces. But I really wanted to see (and touch) the colors before committing and just ordering online.

Well, I just happened to finally track some down at, of all places, the LYS 3 blocks from my house!! Obviously, she doesn't have all the colorways. But I really liked what she had and think when I get ready to cast on for the clap, it'll be with Sheep 3. Today, just to test the waters, I bought some Sheep 1, 100% wool, in color number G129 and I'm going to cast on for a scarf. Probably this afternoon. It's so pretty!! Oh well, so much for finishing my socks.

The other recent purchase I want to share with you is some Araucania Nature Wool I bought when I went to a knit night at another not-so-local yarn store with my friend Knitting Novice. This yarn isn't really mine, so I'm trying not to get too attached to it. I bought it for my daughter. I'm trying to lure her into the knitting world. She's expressed an interest but isn't sure she's "crafty" enough. And let's face it, if I keep giving her scarves and socks, there's no incentive for her to learn. I love her madly, but I think it's time she made her own hats, scarves and socks. She's 27. Now if for some reason she doesn't catch on.... well, I'll adopt the Araucania.


  1. LOL! Did you wind this yourself? You better bring this to work on Monday so I feel it up. You have just made my day.


  2. No, they wound it for me. A tad tight maybe but I already cast on, lol!! I'll definitely bring it in so you can pet it.
    Enjoy the weekend and the Super Bowl!!
    Have fun. Right back at ya'

  3. It's so pretty! Will you bring it on Sunday so I can fondle it? You have to take me to your yarn shop. Me, you and Jenny Girl will have to get together one day and eat good food, knit, and visit your LYS!
    Baby K is off the vent today. Doing well. Today was the first time they heard her cry since she was born. They say she has a set of lungs on her!

  4. Gorgeous yarn - sigh..wish you wouldn't have linked to the site. I'm trying not to buy yarn! If you daughter doesn't want the yarn, I'll take it! :-)

  5. I learned to knit at 27 I think she can manage it too! I've almost been knitting two years now. I can churn out socks and scarves and whatnot. She shouldn't have a problem with you for a mom.

    The yarn is so pretty!

  6. jeanne,
    I'll put you on the list if she doesn't want it, lol!

  7. Thanks Bea! I'm going to take that as a sign... if a fabu knitter like you got started at 27 so can my DD. :)

  8. Oh, that yarn is gorgeous! I don't know if I could give it away, even to my own kid, lol.