Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

What could be better than coming home on a cold dreary Monday and finding a package on your front porch?? Well, finding out that the package sitting on your porch has traveled to you all the way from Phoe in the UK!!! That's what!

Phoe had a 30th birthday blog contest and I stopped by and wished her a Happy Birthday. Go check out Phoe's blog (or she's phoeknits on ravelry). She's a terrific blogger and has amazing knitting projects (Jenny Girl you'll enjoy the post about Jane Austen's house). I love her version of Mr. Greenjeans and I think I need to add the Fountain hat to my knitting queue.
On her birthday, Phoe had posted a picture of a collection of wrapped, brightly colored, packages as prizes. Her idea, which was a really cute one, was to have the commenters pick what color package they would like to receive if they were chosen. I picked the sunshiny yellow. It called my name. So imagine my surprise when Phoe contacted me to let me know I was one of her winners.

Inside was the sweetest note from Phoe on yellow stationary. A beautiful beaded necklace she made herself (in yellows) and a skein of Yarn Chef Buttercream merino laceweight yarn in a color called "Sunflowers". Absolutley gorgeous. The name Buttercream says it all. Soft...mmm! I see a laceweight buttery yellow shawl in my future, maybe as soon as this spring. I'll have the shawl and the necklace, just gotta' find a dress and a guy to take me to dinner, lol. I'm so psyched about it. It's the perfect yarn for my first lace project. I think I'll go browse ravelry for a pattern.

I love it!! Thank you Phoe!!!


  1. Congrats Suzy Girl! It's pretty!
    You should really play the lottery on a daily basis...I think you got a little bit luck in ya.

  2. Hoorah! Thanks for taking part in my contest. :)