Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's Up with Suzy Girl Wednesday - The finale

What was I thinking? Wednesday night is knit night! The Wednesday night "what's new with me" post sounded like a good idea last week when I was home all evening by myself. And there wasn't a new Project Runway on. But, tonight I went to a knit night with my friend Knitting Novice. It's only our second time going and we had a great time!! I think we'd like to become regulars. It's a great group of women, interesting and very talented knitters. The shop is very nice, good yarn selection and the owner is sweet and funny. Bonus.

So getting home later on Wednesdays, makes a regular Wednesday update with pictures a bit of a stretch.

But there was progress this week on some WIP's. The short version.

  • I finished my Sheep Shop One Row Harlot scarf. Just in time too. It was 65 degrees here in Philly today.
  • I got back to work on the Monkeys. I'm through the gusset and decrease rows and it's all knitting around to the toes now. Yea!!
  • Ripped the Orca Tails scarf. I'm going to try it on bigger needles to see if I get a fabric I like a little better.
  • Cast on tonight for a 2nd Koolhaas hat. In Cascade. A pretty shade of blue.
  • Looked at the Celtic Tote and wished there was more hours in the day, or better yet that I didn't have to work for a living. I will get back to this soon.

Project Runway anyone?

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  1. I had fun too! I was wondering how you were going to update! Glad you did!